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Competent Authority

The National Transport Authority has responsibility for regulating the SPSV (small public service vehicle) sector in accordance with the provisions of the Taxi Regulation Act, 2013. In relation to the SPSV sector, the objectives of the National Transport Authority are to ensure the provision and maintenance of high-quality services and standards, and fair competition in the delivery of SPSV services in Ireland. 

SPSV stands for ‘small public service vehicle’, which includes taxis, wheelchair accessible taxis, hackneys, wheelchair accessible hackneys and limousines. Any such vehicle must be associated with a valid SPSV licence. In addition, the driver of an SPSV must have a valid SPSV driver licence.

To achieve its objective of promoting a high quality SPSV service, the National Transport Authority has been given powers, under the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, to make and enforce regulations in relation to the licensing, control and operation of:

  • SPSV drivers;
  • SPSVs (vehicles); and
  • SPSV dispatch operators.

People working in the SPSV industry must also comply with a wider range of regulations that apply to them as road users and as business service providers. These regulations are enforced by a range of statutory bodies, including:

  •   An Garda Síochána;
  •  The Road Safety Authority;
  •  Local authorities;
  •  The Health Service Executive;
  •  The Revenue Commissioners;
  •  The Department of Social Protection;
  •  The Health & Safety Authority; 
  •  The Competition Authority.

Licensing procedures for working as a Taxi Driver based in Ireland

Comprehensive information is provided on the following in the links below:

Completing procedures online

Currently the National Transport Authority does not offer online services except for updating operational data. However the long term strategy is to move towards online application and payments as the licensing system has been developed with this goal in mind.

Relevant legislation applicable

The requirements for operating as a Taxi Driver in based in Ireland, are set out in the following legislation below:

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