Starting a Food Service Business : Cafe/Restaurant

The following is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authorities listed below.

Detailed below is an overview of the administrative procedures involved when opening a café/restaurant in Ireland.

Procedures required when starting a food service business

When opening a food service business in Ireland (e.g. café/restaurant), businesses are required to comply with the following:

In the case of service sector premises such as restaurants, cafes, or take-aways, the agency to register with is the local Environmental Health Office (EHO) of the Health Service Executive (HSE). Each business should contact the EHO office directly for further information on the registration procedures required.

How to apply

Food business operators must contact the appropriate HSE office for a registration form to complete and return to the HSE.

Applying for an Alcohol Licence for a café/ restaurant

If you intend serving alcohol in a café/restaurant, you may wish to apply for a Special Restaurant Licence or a Wine Retailers On Licence from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

Alcohol licence for a cafe/restaurant

Planning and Building requirements

Please find links below to relevant useful information on the planning and building procedures required when opening a cafe/restaurant.

Planning and Building requirements

Further information

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