The Roadmap: A Digital Start-Up Journey

A new online application that acts as a roadmap to aid start-ups and entrepreneurs along their business development journey has been developed for the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Dublin City.

Described as a digital “one-stop shop”, “The Roadmap: A Digital Start-Up Journey” was developed by participants in training with the Digital Skills Academy in partnership with Dublin City Council.

The platform itself is an easy to use bank of information and advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups to help at any stage of their business, whether that’s the initial idea stage, a new business or a more established one.

The application is in the planning to be launched later on in this quarter of 2018 with plans to expand to various different LEO websites for county council’s across the country.

The idea for the online platform originated within Dublin City Council. Mary Mac Sweeney, Deputy Head of Enterprise and Economic Development with Dublin City Council, explained that while there is a vast amount of information out there for an entrepreneur via the LEO website, there is nothing for the specific stages of a business journey.

“While there is a lot of information on the Local Enterprise Office website it doesn’t allow you to chart your milestones as an entrepreneur so if you are only at the idea stage there would be certain information that will be very relevant to you. If you are further down the road and you’ve set up your business but grappling with different elements moving forward there will be content relevant to that part of the journey. All of this is a digital journey for entrepreneurs,” Ms Mac Sweeney said.

According to Ms Mac Sweeney, the Council initially met with the Digital Skills Academy last year to discuss a potential project to put forward. Both organisations reached an agreement and so the path was set to developing the digital project.

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