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Irish Point of Single Contact

The  Irish Point of Single Contact  brings together information on procedures and services to those intending to establish a business in Ireland.

General information for doing business in Ireland

Starting a business 
Establishing a place of business
Health & Safety
Licences/Permits & Online Services
Taxation & Social Security
Employment Rights
Closing your business

You can find the following key information for business: 

  • Your Europe Facebook Chat - Planning to set up a business in another EU country? Wondering how to start and what the rules are?
    Ask Your Europe experts in a live chat on Monday 23 January between 11.00-13.00 CET.

    You can submit your question now on the wall ( In addition to English, the experts can reply to your questions in French, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Swedish and Danish.

YE Live FB Chat

  • - This new licensing portal will allow businesses to register and apply for licenses they are obliged to have for trading purposes in a one-stop-shop thus reducing dramatically the amount of time in form filling required to comply with various licensing obligations. The development of is an ambitious and transformative initiative for how businesses and licensing bodies interact.

  • SOLVIT - SOLVIT is an informal problem-solving network created to solve problems that EU citizens or businesses are experiencing with the public administrations of EU Member States. These problems must be associated with a denial of their Internal Market rights due to Internal Market law not being applied correctly. Complaints should be submitted through the European Commission SOLVIT website complaint form. Before submitting a complaint you should ensure that you have gathered all supporting documentation so that it can be uploaded to the complaint database. Should you need information on your EU rights you should first consult the Your Europe website where you can find information on your EU rights including practical information on moving around the EU for citizens and businesses.

  • Single Market Business Tools - Playlist of European Commission videos which provides information on doing business in the Single Market (featuring the Points of Single Contact)