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Competent Authority

Engineers Ireland otherwise known as the Institution of Engineers of Ireland is the competent authority for chartered engineers in Ireland.

Procedure for recognition of professional qualifications as an Engineer in Ireland

Professional engineers can obtain recognition of their professional qualifications through the Mutual Recognition Agreements that exist between Engineers Ireland and overseas professional engineering organisations or applying for recognition under EU Directive 2005/36/EC with the relevant Competent Authority (Engineers Ireland).

Requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer

Certain functions carried out by an Engineer are regulated and require registration as a Chartered Engineer to be accepted as competent.

The Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland (Charter Amendment) Act 1969 (a private Act) prescribes limits on the conferring of the title Chartered Engineer by Engineers Ireland. 

Subsequent legislation has introduced a small number of areas in which particular functions have been reserved to persons entitled to describe themselves as Chartered Engineers. The function of investigating and certifying the existing stock of multi storey buildings of five or more storeys, and associated gas supply systems, would be reserved to Chartered Engineers. This is provided for in the Local Government (Multi Storey Buildings) Act 1988. This became the first function reserved to Chartered Engineers. 

A limited number of other functions were also assigned at later dates.The revised building regulations (Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014) which aims to protect the public, and names Chartered Engineers as one of the professions able to act as “assigned certifiers” in the construction process The Environmental Protection Agency recognises the professional competence that a Chartered Engineer can offer.

In 2013, Engineers Ireland, with official EPA approval, established a register of Chartered Engineers who have demonstrable experience and expertise to conduct technical, risk-based assessment certification of historic landfill sites and contaminated land sites. 

The Pyrite Resolution Board which has worked closely with Engineers Ireland to establish a register of competent engineers to inspect, assess and specify remedial works in scenarios of pyrite induced damage.

Further relevant information

If you are a chartered engineer who is looking to provide services in Ireland, you may obtain further information on the Engineers Ireland website in the links below.

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