Veterinary Surgeon

Competent Authority

The Veterinary Council of Ireland is the relevant competent authority for veterinary surgeons in Ireland. It is a legal requirement for all veterinary surgeons who wish to practise in Ireland to register first with the Veterinary Council.

Registration procedures

It is a legal requirement that veterinary surgeons must register with the Veterinary Council to obtain a licence to practise veterinary medicine before engaging in any type of veterinary work in Ireland.

To register with the Veterinary Council, you will need to submit an application for recognition of your professional qualifications as a veterinary surgeon in order to establish and obtain a licence.

Only veterinary surgeons whose names are entered and retained in the Register of Veterinary Practitioners (the Register) are entitled to practise veterinary medicine in the State.

A veterinary surgeon is required under law to register with the Veterinary Council before opening a veterinary practice in Ireland. Every registered person who practises veterinary medicine shall do so only at a premises which is registered with the Council.

Further information on the Register

The Veterinary Council website also contains information on the qualifications required from EU citizens outside Ireland who wish to be entered on the Register. The link below provides a detailed list on the qualifications accepted by Country.

Recognition of professional qualifications

Information on fees and documentation to be submitted

Further information on the application of the Professional Qualifications Directive (EU Directive 2005/36/EC) the registration process, and fees applicable can be found in the links below.

Right of Establishment for Veterinary Surgeons

Documentation required for registration

Provision of Services- Cross Border

A veterinary surgeon providing cross border services in Ireland is required to notify the Veterinary Council prior to providing their services in Ireland.

Provision of Services for short professional visits between one country and another involve Veterinary Surgeons in certain formalities. These formalities are particularly relevant to veterinary surgeons who reside near the border between two Member States such as between Ireland and Northern Ireland and have clients on the other side of the border.

Information on the registration requirements for making an application to provide services as a veterinary surgeon without establishing in Ireland, and the provision of services declaration form can be found in the links below.

Provision of Services by Veterinary Surgeons

Documentation and fees required to provide services

Relevant legislation applicable

Please find links below to relevant legislation:

The Professional Qualifications Directive (EU Directive 2005/36/EC)

The Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Contact details

Please find link below for contact details for the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

Contact details

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